A&O Specialty Pharmacy is a Sterile and Non-Sterile compounding pharmacy in Monterey County. A&O Specialty Pharmacy has remodeled its compounding facility, complete with a twelve hundred square foot compounding laboratory, and an ISO Class 5 Cleanroom so we can deliver the highest quality sterile and non-sterile compounded preparations to our patients. We are dedicated to working with your health care providers to custom tailor medications to your individual needs. At A&O, we strive to build lasting relationships between doctors, pharmacists, and patients, by providing creative therapeutic solutions and serving as a valuable healthcare resource to the community.

Our Durable Medical Equipment division carries wheel chair and knee scooter rental.  Sales walkers, support stockings, bathroom equipment, diabetic shoes, prosthetic breast replacement bras, breast pumps, and more.

At A&O Specialty Pharmacy, we are dedicated to meeting the special needs of physicians and their patients by providing creative therapeutic solutions and acting as a valuable healthcare resource to the community.

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The compounding pharmacists at A&O Specialty Pharmacy have received advanced training in sterile compounding. We perform pyrogen, sterility, and potency testing. Please contact a member of our pharmacy staff for more information about our sterile medications. Here are some examples of our most common sterile specialties.

High quality ophthalmic preparations, including low dos atropine for the treatment of myopia.

Providing sterile preparations for urologic conditions, such as erectile dysfunction and interstitial cystitis.

Ophthalmic preparations to treat veterinary eye conditions, including solutions, suspensions, ointments, and gels.

Our team compounds sterile preparations for a multitude of conditions.Common preparations include glutathione, methylcobalamin, and sodium phenylbutyrate.

Are you experiencing symptoms of low thyroid and low body temperature, yet have had normal blood tests?

At A&O Specialty Pharmacy, we are one of only two pharmacies in the United States who follows the WT3 protocol. The WT3 protocol normalizes patient temperatures with T3 (without T4) to improve symptoms even after treatment is stopped. Ask us how we can help you!

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We carry pharmaceutical grade vitamins, minerals, herbs and dietary supplements, specially designed for our pharmacy. We carry top name brand vitamins and supplements for all of your health needs as well. You can shop online or in our pharmacy. If you can’t find what you are looking for or need help determining what you need, just ask our professional staff for help!

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