A & O offers a wide range of durable medical equipment including:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Wheel Walkers
  • Lift Chairs
  • Bathroom Equipment
  • Orthotic Braces
  • Support Stockings

Diabetic Shoe Program

Diabetes can lead to nerve damage and reduced circulation in the feet. When this happens, sensation is reduced so patients may not feel when their feet are injured, and poor circulation can make it more difficult for foot injuries and infections to heal. Well-made, properly fitting footwear can reduce the risk of calluses, blisters and foot ulcers. Serious complications associated with diabetes may ultimately lead to amputation, but these problems can often be avoided by wearing diabetic shoes.

Diabetic shoes are different from regular shoes because diabetic shoes:

  • are extra wide and deep to alleviate pressure
  • do not have seams that rub on pressure points
  • are molded to the wearer’s foot
  • are made from leather or other material of equal quality
  • have removable inserts that can be replaced as needed
  • have some form of shoe closure, such as laces or Velcro™, to keep the foot in place and avoid rubbing

Breast Pumps

We offer the Ameda Breast Pump to enhance the breastfeeding experience between mothers and their babies.

Post-Mastectomy Breast Forms and Bras

At A & O Specialty Pharmacy we provide postmastectomy services by experienced certified fitters who are friendly, sensitive, and helpful. We can help you select the breast form and bra that is right for you.  We carry brands such as Anita and Classique which provide a variety of options to meet the needs of women following breast surgery.